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Creating a TIP

Create a Transition Improvement Plan (TIP) using the WiPSO and the Predictors of Post School Success

The Transition Improvement Grant (TIG) is a discretionary grant of the Department of Public Instruction. TIG is designed to strengthen and accelerate the transition process in our Wisconsin schools to improve the quality of postsecondary transition plans, increase high school graduation rates, encourage outside agency connections and develop strong career and college readiness among our students with disabilities. The Transition Improvement Plan (TIP) assists in these goals.

Transition Improvement Plan (TIP) www.witip.org
The TIP combines two tools to help individual educators and school teams positively impact the post school outcomes of district students. , learn about evidence-based transition practices, complete a self-assessment of current transition practices, engage in transition improvement planning, implement new transition practices, and return to the Indicator 14 report

  1. Indicator 14 Post School Outcomes. View statewide and local outcomes and discuss areas of strength and need.
  2. Complete a self-assessment of classroom or other school team transition practices using the) the National Predictors of Post School Success, compiled by the National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center (NSTTAC) and the National Postschool Outcomes Center (NPSO).
    The Predictor Activities center around the definitions and the essential characteristics of promising transition practices that have been extracted from high quality correlational research that includes students with disabilities and are intended to provide schools, districts and other stakeholders in secondary transition with a framework for determining the degree to which their programs are implementing practices that are likely to lead to more positive post-school outcomes for students with disabilities. An individual or school team considers the Activity Ratings to guide decisions regarding program strengths, needs and priorities for change.

Create a Transition Improvement Plan (TIP)
Educators and other school staff can create and save a web-based Transition Improvement Plan (TIP). To get started:

  1. Go to the Wisconsin Transition Improvement Plan (TIP) (www.witip.org) website
  2. Create an account under "New Account Registration". Select the district with which you are associated. If you are not associated with a district, select "Zeta Test" as your district. You will receive confirmation of receipt of the request and your password.
  3. Click the "Resources" left-hand link to view resources helpful before beginning.
  4. There are three tool on the WiTIP website. You can complete the in any order and just the ones you want.
    1. Indicator 14 PSO Review. A review of the District's Indicator 14 is an important first step in the TIP process, and is valuable for individual educators and school teams to review prior to beginning the TIP. This is the unduplicated count of district and statewide respondents to the statewide PSO survey for the most recent year the district participated in the survey. Review the data and the questions on the Indicator 14 Report individually or with your team.
    2. Predictor Rubric. This is a self-assessment of the National Predictors of Post School Success and includes national evidence-based practices, DPI activities and TIG practices that will help the district understand and improve transition practices that lead to improved outcomes.
    3. Graduation Rate Improvement Plan. These evidence-based practices are from the National Dropout Prevention Center Effective Strategies and the IES Practice Guide. What Works Clearing House for Dropout Prevention. This tool includes both district and classroom strategies.
  5. Return to the WiPSO website to view additional Statewide Reports and PSO Survey Instruments (upper lift-hand links) and district data and reports (login required).
  6. View County PSO Data Reports if desired.