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WelcomeWelcome to the Wisconsin Post School Outcomes (WiPSO) Website!

The Wisconsin Post School Outcomes (WiPSO) Survey assesses the outcomes of individuals with disabilities one year after they have exited high school. Former students are contacted for a telephone interview to assess areas independent living, participation in postsecondary education or training, employment, and high school IEP planning.

Each district with a secondary population is required to use this website once within a five-year cycle to fulfill the reporting requirements of Indicator 14 of the State Performance plan. In addition to using the WiPSO website in a compliance year, districts may choose to use the website any year to collect outcomes data on local exiters. In addition to the required reporting elements of Indicator 14, this site provides many ways for districts to review their outcomes data, and to use that information for improvement planning.

Please contact Mary Kampa or Jenny Jacobs if you have any questions or would like to learn about district training opportunities. Just click "Contact Us" above to send your message!

Resources for Special Education Leadership Resources for Special Education Teachers Resources for Youth and Families
Directors of Special Education/Pupil Services Coordinators have responsibility for the data collection and reporting for Indicator 14, one of the DPI Cyclical Indicators. Each district is required to collect Indicator 14 Data once within a five-year cycle, however, districts are encouraged to participate every year. Doing so provides important information on the activities in which youth are engaged and difficulties they have experienced following high school, and will allow the district to be eligible to apply for the Special Education Transition Incentive Grant, which funds districts up to $1,000 for each exiter engaged in postsecondary education or competitive employment within the year of leaving high school, as measured by the PSO Survey.
Click on the DPI Cycle Lists below to view the year in which your district is required to collect and report Indictor 14 PSO.

Use the items listed below to facilitate this process.
All survey instruments and responses, district and statewide reports, and improvement tools are located on this PSO website.

  • Begin by completing the "Usage Agreement" left-hand link if you do not already have a district PSO account.
  • Letters below provide the information needed to complete the survey process.
  • Click the following two links to view your district's required survey year.

Consider a review of the transition services your district exposes students to as a way to increase the number of youth with disabilities going on to further education or entering high quality employment following high school exit.

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Get Involved!
Teachers are important partners in helping youth and parents understand the post school outcomes survey and in increasing district response rates. Click on the resources below to learn about the ways you can inform students and families about this important survey.

Click here for a printable copy of the "What's Up?" brochure

Show this video to youth who are in their senior or final year of school.
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Participate in the Survey!
Your voice is important! Youth and families can provide valuable information about how things are going within the year of exiting high school. Your stories are important to schools and to the agencies that help young adults in the first years after high school. Click on the links below for more information and to view a short video on the survey.


View this video to learn about the post high survey and why your voice matters.
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